Our story

Horizon Studios was born in December 2018 at the hands of two students from Madrid who wanted to see their way of understanding life reflected through fashion.

Five years later, the values of personal growth, love for what is ours and for our loved ones, and the tireless pursuit of standing out through effort continue to inspire every detail, every design, and every garment that we offer you.

Our commitment to local is absolute; production takes place entirely in Portugal, and designs are created in Spain. This way, we can offer you a unique garment, designed from scratch, paying attention to every detail, providing the perfect fit, and produced by the best professionals.

Horizon Studios isn't created for everyone to wear; its goal is to be the favourite garment in the closet of those few capable of appreciating the quality, exclusivity, and care of a unique piece.

If you resonate with our perspective on fashion, we want to invite you to become a part of our story.

See you soon,
The Horizon Studios Team.